Thursday, August 13, 2009


The sun is shining in the sky
And I look at the sky
There are so many clouds
I look at the beautiful one
But it is too high to even catch it

The stars are sparkling in the sky
And I look at the sky
There are so many stars
I look at the brightest one
But it is too high to even touch it

I sit at the sea shore
Look into the highest sky
There is a cloud and a star at the same place
But it is impossible to take them at once
I can not even touch and catch it while they are alone

I move to a higher place wishing will touch and catch them
And I sit on the top of a mountain
I look into the mainland for a while
There is a cloud and a star at the same place
But it is impossible to take them this time
I am too high too catch and touch them

Then I am going to a place that is not high or low, in the middle
I look at the sky, there are no clouds or stars
And I look into the mainland, there are no clouds or stars either
I feel dissappointed, I can not get the cloud or even the star

When I turn back with the eyes close
Someone touches and catches me
Then I open my eyes slowly, and cry after
It is them, the cloud and the star
I got them at once

What I learnt is there is always a way for everything
As long as you ready for whatever comes
No more mistakes, no more give up, there is only effort and pray
Do the best for yourself, and do the best for others
That is the only thing I know how to live

By: Qinar
Another Piece of Life, 7th August 2009, A silent room
3:50 PM


When the stars sparkle in the dark sky
It is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen
Too much stars to pick one of the best
But it is the way to live, to find, to choose
So we get the best in our eyes

Many obstacles will come up
No matter what, even we are in the worst condition
Tears, insanity, sadness and even blood
Because we can not take it anymore

Do not care what people around said
Do not listen to any advices
It is only you and you
But one thing, do we really care about the people around ?
The people who love you, the people who really do care about you
The people who can do anything to make your feeling any better
I can imagine how they feel
Tears, fears and sorrow in their eyes

Make ourself to understand the situation
Make ourself to feel what people feel
Do not let ourself listen to those devils
They are bad whisperers, throw them away as far as you can

Now, stand up !
Face it and fight with it
Do not be a pathetic
Crying, complaining, weeping and dying
Keep struggling and stand up till the end

By: Qinar
Another Piece of Life
Wednesday, 5 August 2009
10:55 AM

The End

When the sky's so blue,
It's the beginning of the world
When the sky's so gray
It's the end of me

I have a lot of questions for you
It seems I can't answer all by myself

Having the longest rest
I'd love to have it
Surrounding by a lot of peace

Would it be the end of life ?
Or it's just a phase ?

I don't understand about it yet
And I don't have the answer yet

Please take me away
It's not that I want to
But it seems that is only way to understand
The only way to face you and talk to you

I love all the people around
I want to take care of them all
So please, take care of them while I'm not around

Take it, take it away right away
I can't take it anymore
You're the only one
The only one who understand about life
None can beat your power
The best power of all powers


By: Qinar
Another Piece of Life, 4th August 2009, Heaven
1:25 Am

Where I'm Going To Be

We have changed
Where we are started
Where we are ended

I think of myself is gone
Since that day
I lost my way, it was
But no more

I have told myself that I belong to here
It is a place where we are together

Something keep telling me I was wrong
When I clearly want to move
Something keep telling me I got a wrong move
When I clearly want to decide

When I was a kid People always said just be yourself
It sounds a little bit strange, I thought how I can be anyone else
But I missed it, yeah, I missed it
When the rain was falling and making myself got wet
I just run away, no directions
I found myself back ever since
And going back

Well, someone said to me
Maybe it is not about going back
Maybe it is about where you are

I finally understand what the meaning
Just be yourself, and you will get yourself there
A place where you want to be
A place where I'm going to be

ANOTHER PIECE OF LIFE, Tuesday, 28 July 2009, At My House
1:56 PM
By: Qinar

I'll Be There Someday

We live, we die
No one can change it
Except the one who we call God
God is the only one

Get yourself prepared
And all will be settled
Nothing's left behind
Not even a thing

I get myself ready for that
To face the lonely road that will be
A path where it may be our last

No doubt, no regret
I will take the chance
Every single thing that I leave behind
Take care yourself

There is always a time for us
A second, minute or even an hour
Don't waste it, every single time we count
Can be the moment to go

Here I go, the time will come
Soon after the wind has blown
I'll leave with it forever

Never say goodbye when we are separated
We'll meet again someday
No more tears drop when we are being alone
We'll be here together again another day

Enough for celebrations
I'll find the greatest one

ANOTHER PIECE OF LIFE, 28 July 2009, My house
3:35 Am
By: Qinar

A Lonely Road To Happiness

Finally, the time has come
Once the truth is revealed
I always know the ending will be like this

But this is the right time to leave
When all are gone
where we will go to a place
A place where an everlasting happiness does exist

I would really want to know
Why the sadness exist when there's a happiness ?
Or this is the way so the everlasting happiness will be exist ?
Well, I don't mind, I'll find the answer though

The wind will come and bring me along
So that is the time I'm leaving
I feel grateful to know all the things in this world
It's so much fun to know about it
All the problems, all the joys

And the last, for the very last
Sooner or later
You will find the everlasting happiness as well
Like I will get very soon
So be it



Dalam setiap langkah ini
Selalu ada kehidupan
Dalam setiap detak ini
Selalu ada kematian

Kebencian yang kumiliki sirna sudah
Kebahagian yang kuraih hilang punah
Tinggal harapan melihat masa depan

Setiap apa yang kusentuh layu
Dan apa yang kurasa hangus
Hingga yang kuhidu pun mati

Cukup, cukup sudah
Ku tak mampu melanjutkan
Jenuh ku melihat semua

Keramaian pun 'tak lagi kurasakan
Hanya penderitaan dalam kesendirian

Pergi, enyah dan kembali
'Tak pernah ada kata berhenti
Ku sudah lelah, ku ingin akhiri

Hanya ini yang tersisa
Aku hidup dan dilukai
Atau ku mati 'tak tersakiti

By: Qinar
1:10 AM, 23th July 2009, My Room

Jiwa Yang Hilang

Berapa kali sudah ku katakan
Itu bukan yang ku ingin
Tapi apa yang di rasakan
Menjadikannya punah

Entah berapa kali ku coba
Tak juga ku rasakan yang sama
Menghilang semua keinginan

Persengketaan sudah berakhir
Jangan ada sedih ataupun duka
Karena semua sudah berakhir
Menjalani apa yang harus dilanjutkan

Hidup ini hanya pencarian semata
Gunakan yang masih ada
Dan hargai sisanya

Berhentilah saat kau lelah
Berlarilah jika kau ingin
Terbanglah kalau kau bisa
Menangislah bila kau mampu

Berakhir tanpa penyesalan
Memulai dengan pemikiran

Apa yang hilang sudah
Jangan diharapkan kembali
Berjuang dengan apa yang dipunya
Teruskan berjalan, jangan pernah berhenti

Masa lalu adalah pengalaman
Masa depan adalah kehidupan
Sekarang adalah pencarian

Menyatukan jiwa tak semudah menutup mata
Memisahkan hati tak semudah membuka mata
Raihlah, apa yang ingin diraih
Kejarlah, apa yang ingin dikejar

Saat jiwa ini tertutup, semua adalah hitam
Kemudian jiwa ini terbuka, semua adalah penuh warna

Hari itu pasti di cita-citakan
Hingga tubuh berada di bawah
Nafas terhenti tak bernyawa
Sebagai pengganti sayang yang tak tergantikan
Hanya satu yang ku ingin

Isilah jiwa ini dengan keceriaan
Penuhi hati ini bersama kehangatan kasih
Lengkapilah raga ini beserta kekuatan
Hingga aku bisa menjadikannya
Kebahagiaan yang tak pernah ada menjadi ada

By: Qinar
4:45 AM

Monday, April 20, 2009


we think that love is more important
in the other way
we think that life is the most important
those are our assumptions
why do we think that love more important ?
because love is part of our life
we cannot live without love
some people say we can live without love, but it is wrong
we weren't born, grown, survive if it's not because of love of our parents,
environment, friends and many things
but why do we think that life is more important ?
because life is our purpose to live
we always have a mission
a mission in life to be somebody who calls men
that makes the different between us and the others, the purpose in life
and we make a choice which one is more important
love or life ?
my answer would be both
why ?
in life we always need other
even though we can live alone or by ourselves
however I'm sure that we need other to make our life being fulfilled
and to fulfill our life, we need love
therefore life needs to be fulfilled by love
then love will make a new thing in our life

4:28 PM


satu persatu ku korbankan
demi apa yang di sayang

satu persatu ku sisihkan
demi apa yang di bayang

cerita itu hanya andaian
sebuah angan yang berlebihan
cerita itu hanya ungkapan
sebuah cita-cita tak tersampaikan

keraguan semakin mendekat
putus asa semakin merapat

namun ini bukan akhiran
melainkan sebuah awalan
dan bukan tanpa kesiapan
semua dengan pengorbanan


tertetes air mata ini
memikirkan apa yang pantas
mencari penyelesaian yang tak terselesaikan
bukan untuk ku dan siapa pun
melainkan untuknya, dan hanya dia
sebuah makna yang tak tergantikan

ingin ku mengakhirinya
mengakhiri belenggu ku padanya
namun apa daya, cinta mengalahkannya
walau tak seindah dulu
keberadaannya pun sudah membuat bahagia

dengan keindahannya dia memukau ku
dengan kesabarannya dia menjaga ku
dengan kecantikannya dia melihat ku
dengan keramahannya dia membuat ku jatuh cinta

kesalahan telah meniadakannya
membuat kesemuaannya telah pergi

ingin mengambil kembali
semua yang telah hilang
ingin mendapat kembali
semua yang telah lekang

hanya waktu yang tersisa
sebuah penentuan sedang menunggu
jiwa ini hanya menanti
suatu keputusan yang belum pasti

dengan berharap kembali
ku serahkan seluruh raga dan jiwa ini


lkau yang ada
lemah dan sirna
sedih serta duka

ego itu ada
menanti kelemahannya
seperti dia
engkau pun sama saja
tiada suka, apalagi asa

kini saatnya tiba
menyimpan derita yang semula ada
layaknya surga yang tak kan tiba

tidurlah cinta
aku akan selalu ada
ada untuk menemaninya

mimpilah cinta
gapai dirinya disana
dia ada untuk bersamanya

kepada yang tercinta

sayang ini tak kan pernah tiada
cinta itu pun akan selalu ada

perpisahan kita
bukanlah asa yang menyebabkan tiada
tetapi dia
hanya salah satu cerita
tentang kisah kita

masanya akan tiba
dimana saat kita bersama
dan mengenang cerita
mengenang cerita cinta yang pernah ada

11:41 AM


keberadaan mu
menghilangkan kehampaan ku
merasakan kehangatannya

ketiadaan mu
menghilangkan kejenuhan ku
merasakan perbedaannya

entah apa yang melanda
kebahagiaan serta kesedihan
merupakan satu
menjadikan ketenangan tak sempurna

kecintaan, kebencian
semua ku rasakan
entah apa yang ku pikirkan
tak ada suatu keputusan

pergi kemudian datang kembali
sirna kemudian bersemi kembali

kepuasan tak berakhir
hanya kesedihan yang menanti
ku putuskan untuk mengundurkan diri

meski datang dan pergi

suatu keyakinan telah menanti
semua akan kembali
seperti apa yang pernah terlalui



Berawal dari kelahiran
Merasakan kasih sayang mereka
Tumbuh besar dan dewasa
Hingga saatnya tiba

Dalam jiwa kita mengermbara
Mencari apa yang selama ini di cari
Namun tetap tidak menemukan jawabannya

Dalam raga kita beristirahat
Menghilangkan lelah yang telah ada
Namun tetap kita harus melanjutkannya

Dalam hati kita menemukan
Sebuah makna yang tak tergantikan
Namun tetap kita akan kehilangannya

Perjalanan tak akan pernah usai
Sampai kita menemukan tujuan

Sebuah perjalanan
Selalu ada awalan
Dan pasti ada akhiran

Pada saat itu lah kita menenukan
Penemuan yang tak akan pernah hilang
Tak akan pernah tergantikan

Kepiawaian sebuah paradigma
Kepemilikan kepada semua manusia

Hanya kita dan kita
Sanggup untuk mengambil kesimpulan
Dari apa dan untuk apa
Keberadaan ini

11:35 AM


being alone or many
I don't care
nothing else matters
neither you or them

who cares ?
you ?, them ? or even me ?

I don't even give a damn about it
just leave it alone
either you wanna make it better or worse
keep it for yourself
because I won't care about it

you tell me to do this, to do that
do it by yourself
I'm free to do whatever i wanna do
not because I like or love you
so you can tell me to do whatever you like

I'm not your slave or maid
and I'm also not your friend or lover

but the only thing I know is

18 April 2009, 09:16 PM


A happiness is always there
Always right in front of you
You can see it, so everybody knows about it
But you can't feel it

A sadness is always here
Always deep inside your heart
You can feel it
But you can't see it, so nobody knows about it

Joy is nowhere
Not here or there
You can't see it
You can't feel it
But you can create it, so you can fulfill others life with joy

What is it all about ?


Just being whatever you want to be


Immortality is priceless
When we don't have someone to share life with
A loneliness will be the worst sickness
You won't have something meaningful
Life seems to be meaningless

All are useless, only you and you, no one else
Bravery is not enough
We always pretend to be fearless
But actually we're afraid of what will come next

Anxiousness becoming a fortress
To be lied to ourselves
Suspiciousness is a nightmare
To make us brake down into the deepest hope

Until we find a savior of our soul and heart
Someone who we can share life with

That is the true meaning of love

01:00 AM